Automated Windows Event Log Management and Real-time Server Monitoring

Advanced Event Log Software

ELM Event Log Management

Managing a highly distributed Windows Server environment is always a challenge. Just knowing of critical changes is a difficult task. While the operating systems do publish forensic data, the most comprehensive source is isolated in local logs.

Software applications are available to overcome this inefficiency. They are based on real-time data collection and centralization. These tools can monitor the event log activity, store the most informative ones in a database, create detailed audit reports and launch alerts. These commercial solutions can save System Administrators and Security Managers hours of tedious work each day.

ELM Enterprise Manager-EVENT License provides automated Windows log management with real-time monitoring, alerting and reporting. After ELM is deployed, the IT staff will immediately begin saving time, supporting proactive server management and fortifying security policies.

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Tools for Monitoring Windows Servers

ELM for Windows Server Monitoring

The health and status of Windows Severs can change instantly. One minute they are supporting the security and operations of a complex business.   And the next, they are compromised by a disgruntled employee or are becoming a bottleneck to productivity.  Being actively aware of approaching out-of-bounds conditions is a valuable component of proactive management.

Efficient monitoring tools can have a real impact on a company’s performance.  The sooner these software solutions detect a logon threat or distribute an Error Event, the faster the resolution. Imagine the benefits of be alerted as the disk space is trending toward a critical level or the antivirus service have unexpectedly stopped.

ELM Enterprise Manager-CORE License elevates server management to real-time. This Agent based software solution provides automated Windows event log management and server health and status monitoring. Be the first to know.

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Since 1996, TNT Software, Inc. has developed solutions to support the reliability and security of the Windows platform.  Our solutions work as advertised, are properly supported without hassles, and are not a full-time job to keep them running and tuned. It’s in our DNA

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ELM Enterprise Manager 6.7.155 is now available at Product Downloads.  This latest maintenance release includes exception handling for special conditions found in the Standby Architecture and repairs an issue discovered in the Event Correlation Filters.

The previous build, ELM 6.7.147 was posted Oct 6. 2015.

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