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Windows Server Monitoring       Windows Server Monitoring

Comprehensive Windows Event Log Monitoring - Servers, Desktops & Devices

Collect, Monitor and Manage your Windows Event Logs more effectively with ELM Enterprise Manager. Event Logs are well known for being a rich source of operational and security data. Unfortunately this data is isolated on each individual system making it more difficult to perform routine status reviews or correlate event activities across multiple servers, let alone comply with archiving and reporting requirements.

ELM Enterprise Manager is an enterprise class event log management solution capable of collecting event logs from hundreds of servers, workstations, and Syslog/SNMP supported devices across multiple domains in real-time. Email alerts can be triggered moments after critical events take place on remote systems, fortifying security policies and elevating system management.

Monitor Event Logs

Comprehensive Event Log Management and Server Monitoring in One Product!

Comprehensive, Centralized Windows Server Monitoring and Event Log Management in One Powerful Tool

Event Log Management with Health & Status Monitoring


Windows Event Correlation & Forensic Investigation Event Correlation & Forensic

Advanced Event Log Filtering & Views Advanced Event Filtering & Views

Event Log Reporting & Compliance Reporting & Compliance

Secure Event Log Archiving & Storage Secure Event Archiving & Storage


Windows Server Performance Alarms & Application Monitoring Server Performance Alarms        & Application Monitoring

Windows System Health & Status System Health & Status

Windows Inventory & Configuration Tracking Inventory & Configuration

Robust Notifications & Alerts For Event Log Activity and Server Performance Robust Notifications & Alerts

Real-Time Windows Server Health & Status Monitoring

Expand your real-time monitoring, alerting and reporting to include server status and performance. Track and trend disk space, CPU, and memory for resource planning and be notified when specific thresholds are exceeded.

When a service state changes that you need to be made aware of or a processor resource spikes into unexpected ranges, ELM will alert you immediately in order to take prompt corrective actions quickly and efficiently.


ELM Monitors Thousands of Servers Around the WorldWindows Server Monitoring and Event Log Management for Customers Around the World




Event Log Correlation
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