Advanced Event Log Monitor and Windows Server Monitoring Software

Advanced Event Log Monitor Software

ELM Event Log Monitor

Event logs are the richest source of management data on the Windows platform. This information is required to securely and efficiently operate critical servers. Unfortunately, the event logs are isolated locally. Instead of taking advantage of their real-time posting, they are only used in forensic investigations.

ELM Enterprise Manager elevates Windows event log monitoring to urgent. The advanced event log monitor reliably collects all Windows event logs seconds after they are written. The data, including the detail text, is encrypted and transmitted by local Agents to the ELM Server.

From there, this event log data is securely inserted into an MS SQL Server database.  These databases are either supplied by the user or are available as a run-time option in the ELM Enterprise Manager download.

With the logs securely stored, the software tools populate filtered Views. These dynamic displays also trigger notifications and are the source for custom Reports.

While email alerts are the most commonly used method, a dynamic Dashboard Notification option is also available, It posts icons identifying the severity of filtered events  As a result, ELM keeps System Administrators up to date on the status of their Windows servers.

ELM Enterprise Manager-Event License automates Windows event log management through real-time monitoring, alerting, reporting and archiving. Most importantly, with ELM deployed, the IT staff will gain support for their proactive server management objectives and fortify their security policies.

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Tools for Monitoring Windows Servers

ELM for Windows Server Monitoring

Management of Windows servers takes urgency. One minute they are supporting network security and processing critical applications. And the next, they are compromised by a disgruntled employee or a bottleneck to productivity.

Fortunately, many of these critical conditions are recorded in the event logs. But not all, when event log monitoring is not enough, ELM Enterprise Manager-Core License extends the scope to include performance and state monitoring.

The Core License includes all Monitors in the Event License plus the Performance Monitor, Process Monitor, Service Monitor and the Performance Collector.

The first three leverage the event log monitoring features.  These Windows Server Monitors watch for state changes or thresholds breaches and write an event log entry. Then, the event log management technologies take over.  The events can be Viewed and used to trigger email and Dashboard alerts.

The Performance Collectors support the ELM Dashboard and server performance trending. Performance Objects/Counters/Instances are collected on a scheduled basis and inserted into the Primary Database for reporting.  In addition, these metrics are normalized and weighted to populate a set Bottleneck Sparklines.

ELM Enterprise Manager-Core License includes the Monitors and Collectors to automate event log management, detect changing states and conditions, and identify performance Bottlenecks.  Get the tools for proactive server management with ELM-Core Licenses.

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