Event Log Management and Centralized Server Monitoring

Advanced Event Log Software

ELM Event Log Management

Event logs are the richest source of management data on the Windows platform. This information is required to securely and efficiently operate critical servers. Unfortunately, the event logs are isolated locally. Instead of taking advantage of their real-time posting, they are only used in forensic investigations.

ELM Enterprise Manager elevates Windows event log monitoring to real-time. Events logs are reliably collected seconds after they are written. The data, including the detail text, is transmitted by local Agents to the ELM Server. From there, it is securely inserted in a MS SQL database.

With the logs stored, the software tools populate filtered Views, trigger Notifications and schedule audit Reports. As a result, ELM Enterprise Manager saves System Administrators hours of tedious work and keeps them updated on the status of their Windows servers.

ELM Enterprise Manager-EVENT License automates Windows event log management through real-time monitoring, alerting, reporting and archiving. Most importantly, with ELM deployed, the IT staff will reduce their work load, support their proactive server management objectives, and fortify their security policies.

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Tools for Monitoring Windows Servers

ELM for Windows Server Monitoring

Management of Windows servers takes urgency. One minute they are supporting network security and processing critical applications. And the next, they are compromised by a disgruntled employee or a bottleneck to productivity.

Fortunately, many of these out-of bounds conditions are recorded in the event logs. But not all. When event log monitoring is not enough. ELM Enterprise Manager extends the scope to include performance threshold monitoring.

To acheive this, ELM writes custom events when the free disk space trends below a target level. Other events are written when services unexpectedly change states, or processes are running at unusually high CPU rates. Other options include PING failures and missing events.

Then, taking advantage of ELM’s automated event log management technologies, these threshold indicators are stored in the database. From there, Views display the events and trigger alerts.

All of these tools are available in the ELM Enterprise Manager-CORE License. Be proactive with comprehensive server monitoring.

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Who We Are

Since 1996, TNT Software, Inc. has developed solutions to support the reliability and security of the Windows platform.  Our solutions work as advertised, are properly supported without hassles, and are not a full-time job to keep them running and tuned.

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ELM Enterprise Manager 6.7.159 is now available at Product Downloads.  Several minor modifications were made in preparation of the ELM Enterprise Manager 6.7 Terminal Build.

This final build will be the recommended version to upgrade to ELM Enterprise Manager 7.0.

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ELM Enterprise Manager Overview