Since 1996, TNT Software, Inc. has developed solutions to support the reliability and security of the Windows platform. When our founder, Steve Taylor, was a System Administrator, he was challenged with managing a highly distributed network.  Without a realistic budget, he developed his own utilities to centralized event and performance data.  These tools eventually became the foundation of TNT Software.

For over two decades, we have continued to evolve.  Each step of the way, the versions have kept pace with the demanding IT industry and continued to provide real value to system managers.  There is no better proof of our accomplishments than our longevity.

A key factor to TNT Software success has been maintaining Steve’s System Administrator’s approach to product development.   Solutions should work as advertised, be properly supported without hassles,

and be used without studying the User’s Guide.  The company should have a great respect for the user’s data, making reliability a primary objective and have it available for them to use.

This fundamental approach extends throughout TNT Software.  The management teams, with their system administrator backgrounds, strive to be the company they would like to do business with. The sales and marketing staffs focus on being part of the solution and not a nagging pest.  And the developers don’t just write code but take ownership of the end-user experience.

TNT Software has a long and successful history of looking up from a SysAdmin viewpoint, not down from a product vendor. It was initiated by the founder and is a core principle of our company today.

TNT Software solutions are developed and supported from our headquarters in Washington State.

Our Microsoft competency means proven expertise for your business

We hold Microsoft ISV competencies.

When you work with us, you have an IT partner with proven expertise: Only the top 5 percent of Microsoft partners have attained Microsoft competencies.

What does our Microsoft competency mean for you?

By attaining a Microsoft ISV competency, we have met extensive technology requirements and demonstrated expertise through rigorous exams, culminating in Microsoft certifications. We have also been recommended by our customers. Our skills, support and knowledge have been tested and proven by successful implementations in specific technology areas.

Additionally, our Microsoft Silver ISV competency provides us with early access to new software and specialized technical support and services from Microsoft that help us serve you better.

We look forward to sharing our expertise and experience with you – and finding the right solutions for your business.