Monitoring and Management

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Monitoring and Management

The Monitoring and Management container in the ELM Console is where Agents, Monitor Items, Monitoring Categories and Maintenance Categories reside.  

This section includes:

Agent and Monitoring Library - Describes the different agent types, agent licensing options and classes, Monitoring Categories, agent folders, and the agent(s) installation process.

Monitoring Categories - Allows you to group Agents for easy management.

Maintenance Categories - Allows for grouping of Agents for easy management during scheduled maintenance periods.

ELM can monitor systems and collect data in real-time or at scheduled intervals. Each Monitor Item has its own schedule components:

A scheduled interval, which determines how frequently the monitor item is executed.

Scheduled hours, which specifies what days/hours the monitor item will run.

For real-time monitoring, a Service Agent must be used. Virtual Agents cannot monitor in real-time because all Virtual Agent monitoring is performed over the network by the ELM Server. We recommend a scheduled interval of 10 seconds or greater for Monitor Items assigned to Virtual Agents.

To monitor continuously, set the Scheduled Interval on the Monitor Item to Every 1 Second. The Scheduled Interval can be increased to the desired interval. For example, to collect event logs twice a day, an Event Collector's Scheduled Interval would be configured for every 12 hours.