ELM Event Log Licenses

Event Log and Server Monitoring License Descriptions and Pricing

ELM Enterprise Manager is offered under a perpetual license and always includes the central ELM Server, the ELM Console the ELM Dashboard, and the installed Agents. The “Licenses” are the commercial component of the model. They control the monitoring and data collection options for each Agent.

There are six (6) Licenses available. It is common for only a single License type to be used in an ELM deployment. However, this is not a requirement and blending Licenses is an economical way to expand coverage.

Annual Support and Maintenance is available at 20% of the combined value of the Licenses. It includes product updates, product upgrades, and priority telephone/email support. The first year of Support and Maintenance is included in the initial purchase.

The Licenses are divided into two (2) Classes.

  • Class 1 Licenses are for Windows Servers as specified by their operating system.
  • Class 2 Licenses apply to Windows Workstations and Syslog/SNMP supported systems and network devices.

Pricing and Licenses


ELM Event Log License

Class 1:  $100.00 to $155.00

Class 2:  $20.00 to $50.00


The ELM Enterprise Manager-Event License provides real-time Windows Event Log Management.  It has the scalability of an enterprise class solution with the focused functionality of an event log utility.

Event License applications can be divided into two primary categories. In operations, it provides monitoring and alerting.

As a security tool, it also stores, archives, and reports on pre-filtered security events.

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ELM Core License - Server Monitoring

Class 1:  $220.00 to $345.00

Class 2:  $25.00 to $75.00


The ELM Enterprise Manager-Core License expands beyond the event log management tools of the Event License to include real-time heath and status monitoring.

In addition to the Windows event logs, the Core License includes Monitors to detect service status changes, process CPU spikes, low disk space and high memory usage.

The ELM Enterprise Manager-Core Licenses support proactive management of the Windows platform.

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ELM Log Licenses

Class 1:  $220.00 to $345.00

Class 2: $25.00 to $75.00


Like the Core License, the ELM Enterprise Manager-Log License includes all the Monitors and Collectors of the Event License plus the Event File Collector.

The Log License primary application is in networks where security policies require that all of the specified events are stored in a database for reporting and archiving AND maintain Windows log file archive with verification.

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ELM Network Licenses

Class 1:  N/A

Class 2: $25.00 to $75.00


The ELM Enterprise Manager-Network License compliments the other Licenses by extending the real-time monitoring, alerting and reporting beyond the Windows systems.

It includes Syslog and SNMP Receivers that collect log information from Linux servers, firewalls, and other network devices.  The ELM Enterprise Manager-Network License provides single seat monitoring for heterogeneous networks.

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ELM System Licenses

Class 1:  $275.00 to $445.00

Class 2: $30.00 to $85.00


Keep it simple and get it all with the ELM Enterprise Manager-System License. This comprehensive License includes all the Monitors, Collectors and Receivers.  It is the only License that includes the SQL Monitor, WMI Monitor, the Configuration Monitor and the Inventory Collector.


ELM Performance Licenses

Class 1:  $135.00 to $195.00

Class 2: $25.00 to $55.00


The ELM Enterprise Manager-Performance License is an Agent-based trending and threshold monitoring solution for any Windows Performance Object, Instance or Counter.  Get firewall friendly architecture with the ELM Enterprise Manager-Performance License.