The server ran out of disk space…  This is one of the most reported causes of unexpected server downtime.

The server ran out of disk space…  This is one of the most reported causes of unexpected downtime.  Other performance bottlenecks can also disrupt operations. Application upgrades, demanding service packs and routine updates can add strain to the processor and exhaust the memory.  The server performance can gradually erode over time.

Even with today’s resources so large that they are expected to last a lifetime, performance creep and bloating system requirements are driving new servers to a premature death. Windows server performance monitoring provided by the ELM Core License can assist in capacity planning and resource analysis. With ELM Enterprise Manager deployed, predictable catastrophes can be prevented..

The ELM Enterprise Manager-Core License provides two performance monitoring and reporting tools to assist in proactive capacity planning.

The Performance Alarm is threshold based; it monitors any performance object, counter or instance value that satisfies a predefined condition.  As a default in the free trial edition, a Performance Alarm monitors the %Free Space every 30 minutes.  When less than (<) 15 is detected, a Warning Event is written.  Then, taking advantage of the real-time event log monitoring and alerting features in ELM, Views can be created and Notifications launched.

Windows Server Performance Alarm for Disk Space

Windows Server Monitor configuration for the Performance Monitor.

The Performance Collector is a trending tool.  It collects performance data at scheduled intervals and stores them in the Primary Database. The ELM Editor mines this data and builds reports indicating changes over time.

For convenience, a set of Server Performance reports are included in ELM.  They trend disk space, memory and processor metrics. Each can be scheduled and distributed independently.

Windows Server Performance Collector

Server Monitoring Performance Collector

With The ELM Enterprise Manager Core License, the Performance Alarm alerts of threatening conditions while the Performance Collector assists in predicting future bottlenecks.

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