Release Notes – ELM Enterprise Manager 7.5


The following fixes are included in release

  • Added: ReinstallAgents command line will tell a or later ELM Server to reinstall all agents.
  • Added: GetTraceFiles command line will get trace files from any or later ELM Server configured to accept data.
  • Added: Alternative databases can now be specified on initial install.
  • Fixed: Ensure no more than one socket per host when forwarding events from multiple Notification methods.
  • Fixed: If no Publisher is found for an event, return an error so the event data is correctly displayed.
  • Fixed: Display Task started string in the Task panel.
  • Fixed: Load default configuration when custom configuration is unavailable.
  • Fixed: Streaming connection data to the ELM Management Console is more efficient.
  • Fixed: Wizards process enter key pressing.
  • Fixed: Modify installer dialog shows the Repair/Modify button correctly.
  • Fixed: ELM Management Console works correctly when ELM Diagnostics service is disabled.
  • Fixed: Performance Chart axis labels are always visible.
  • Fixed: Updating binaries using a TCP/IP socket is more reliable.
  • Fixed: Do not write out multiple 6005 events for the same format string.


Previous Releases

The following fixes are included in release

  • Added: SendXml command line will send configuration to any 7.0 or later ELM Server configured to accept data.
  • Added: SendBinaries command line will send current binaries to any 7.0 or later ELM Server configured to accept data.
  • Added: Windows 2019 specific security event format strings.
  • Fixed: Modified label from Accept Forwarded Events From (ELM Servers) to Accept Data From ELM Servers.
  • Fixed: Allow searching/display filtering on the Message column.
  • Fixed: Event Category field now displayed in appropriate monitor and notification wizards.
  • Fixed: A thread synchronization issue when calling SQL scripts.
  • Fixed: An ELM Management Console deadlock.
  • Fixed: Allow reinstall of ELM Agents running unsupported operating systems.
  • Fixed: Use the agent description for the agent local to the ELM Server when triggering Correlation time out notifications.
  • Fixed: Lock event so Forward Event Notification Method is thread safe.
  • Fixed: Improved resiliency of the General Performance agent view.
  • Fixed: If there is no database access, ensure Prune and Recovery threads are started.
  • Fixed: Connection string encoding.

The following fixes are included in release

  • Initial Release

Upgrading from ELM version 6.7 or 7.0
Prior to upgrading to an ELM Version 7.5 product, you must first update to the latest release of ELM 6.7 or ELM 7.0, depending on which version you have installed. Please check your installation and verify that you are running the latest release available. These are listed below:

  • ELM 6.7.159 (direct upgrade to ELM 7.5 is supported)
  • ELM 7.0.203 (direct upgrade to ELM 7.0 is supported)

The terminal builds of version 6.7 and 7.0 are available from the Support – Product Downloads menu.