Release Notes – ELM Enterprise Manager 7.0


The following fixes are included in release

  • Initial release.

Previous Releases

The following fixes are included in release

  • Fixed: Command Script Notifications expand event environment variables in called scripts. (3033)
  • Added: Maintenance Categories have a monthly after day of month property. (3023)
  • Fixed: Maintenance Categories monthly Weekday settings work as expected. (3021)

Known Issues

Web Page Monitor running at a Service Agent benefits from .NET Framework 4.5 or later
Added functionality in the Web Page Monitor, like using TLS 1.2 or ADFS authentication, requires the .NET Framework 4.5 or later. If not installed where the ELM Service Agent is running, and the Web Page Monitor is configured to run at the Agent, then the Monitor will silently switch to basic functionality.

Recommended workaround: Configure the Web Page Monitor to “Run At ELM Server,” or on a system where .NET Framework 4.5 or later is installed, or install the Framework on the system needing the added Monitor functionality.


Clustered ELM Server may not correctly report its status to Cluster Administrator
If failover takes a long time, Cluster Administrator may report the ELM Server resource as being offline, when the resource is actually online. The cause for this is currently under investigation.

Recommended workaround: Connect to the ELM Server using the ELM Console. Then, in Cluster Administrator, you should be able to right-click the ELM Server resource and bring it online.


ELM Agent can leave behind files
The ELM Agent can leave files behind if the Windows Configuration Monitor is running while it’s deleted.

Recommended workaround: Manually delete any files left behind.


Invalid Username or Password Error Installing on a Read-only or Backup Domain Controller
When installing an ELM Server or Service Agent (running under a user account) on a Read-only Domain Controller (RODC) or Backup Domain Controller (BDC), setup will try to programmatically grant Logon as a Service rights to the ELM Server service account or TNT Agent service account using the LSA APIs. This will fail because the RODC or BDC has a read-only replica of the SAM, thereby preventing the granting of this right on RODCs and BDCs.

Recommended workaround: Manually grant the service account Logon as a Service rights prior to installation.


Cannot Install If System Drive Low On Space
The MSI installer requires an approximate minimum 70MB free space on the %systemdrive% before it will proceed, even if other logical drives have over 70MB free space.

Recommended workaround: Free up disk space on the %systemdrive% and restart install. See the TNT Software web site ( for recommended system requirements.


Upgrading from ELM 6.5 or 6.7
Prior to upgrading to an ELM Version 7.0 product, you must first update to the latest release of ELM 6.5 or ELM 6.7, depending on which version you have installed. Please check your installation and verify that you are running the latest release available. These are listed below:
•ELM 6.5.184 (direct upgrade to ELM 7.0 is supported)
•ELM 6.7.159 (direct upgrade to ELM 7.0 is supported)